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Company of Growth

Being a company with a one-hundred-year-long history of growth, SLDK is actively developing supported by professional competence of its staff. The company is proud to see generations of same families and employees having devoted over 25 years of their lives working for it. 

At the same time, SLDK is active in attracting young people through cooperation with the main industry-related university of the region Syktyvkar Forest Institute and some specialized secondary educational institutions.

The company’s strategy aiming at modernization and capacity boost is directly linked with the staff potential. As new production technologies are introduced, the company increases competency standards for its white- and blue-collar workers.  

The company modernization also involves highly efficient employees , whose skills are upgraded by the company by means of numerous training sessions and workshops. 

Become part of the team

By developing its production facilities SLDK is expanding its job bank for workers and engineering staff.

Find information about work in the company and requirements: 8 (8212) 400-869, Human Resources.